Movie Review : Unbroken


Jesse Johnson , Columnist

The one word that I can think of to describe the message of this powerhouse of a
film is “courage.”

“Unbroken” is a film made about Louis Zamperini’s life during World War II.
Zamperini was an Army Air Force pilot, whose plane experienced mechanical failure
during a rescue mission and thus was left to survive in a life raft for 47 days. He was
then captured by the Japanese, where he spends two long and brutal years in POW

The film was adapted from Laura Hillenbrand’s novel “Unbroken,” which
documented Zamperini’s story. The film provided a constant theme of the importance of
never giving up better than most of the films that tell similar stories. It also sympathizes
with those who are serving or have served in a war, showing viewers just how straining it
can be on an individual, both mentally and physically.

Renowned actress Angelina Jolie was the director of the film “Unbroken.”
Although it is rare for an actress to produce films from the chair of a director, Jolie turned
my hesitant opinion upside down with this film. Although her profile as the recipient of
an Academy Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards and three Golden Globe Awards
overshadows the stars in the film, she puts as much passion and love into her directing as
she does into her acting.

Zamperini sadly passed in 2014 at the age of 97. For those who haven’t read the
book, the film is just as enticing- it doesn’t throw the novel’s premise out of the window and replace it with Hollywood filling. It sticks straight to the core of Zamperini’s story,
and may even encourage you to read the book if you find the time to do so.