Jesse Johnson, Columnist

The horrors of World War II are brought to the big screen once again in this well-done depiction of the Allies making their final push into Nazi Germany.

The film focuses on Sergeant Wardaddy (played by Brad Pitt), his crew, and his Sherman tank, which is, you guessed it, named Fury.
Wardaddy and his crew are thrown into battle with the tank as their only weapon, showing just how frightening it was to be outgunned, outmanned, and praying that you’ll be able to come out alive.
When the crew members are not in the tank, they act like a normal group of friends that we would see in the malls, joking around with each other. I thought that it was a nice detail the director added in.

This film made me feel as though I was a soldier during WWII, riding around with the crew in the tank, fighting alongside them, really feeling the horrors of war in that time period.
When you see this film, you’ll notice that the coloring of most scenes are brown and gray with white clouds of smoke and bursts of orange flames. This is an effect that was added in to make the viewer feel as if they were in the film.

If you’re a fan of war films or any cinema regarding World War II, or you want to understand the grisliness of fighting in the war, Fury is a must-see for you.