SGA recruits students to fill positions


Photo by Pam Nussbaumer

Ben Nussbaumer is the President of the Student Government Association.

Julia Gunn, Reporter

AACC’s Student Government Association will take applications to fill vacant positions for vice presidents and senators until Friday.

The SGA has vacancies for the positions of vice president of public relations, campus activities, and outreach and engagement. Several senator positions are also open.

President Ben Nussbaumer said the SGA is looking for hard-working students who want to get others interested in college activities.

“We’re … looking for people who are willing to … put in the work and are excited about not only being engaged themselves, but getting other students engaged in the college,” Nussbaumer said.

Former Vice President of Outreach Maggie Brown said candidates should be cooperative and creative people.

“[We are looking for] energetic team players,” Brown said. “Someone that has like fresh, new ideas.”

The goal of the Student Government Association is to bring students together, and make sure they are connected and involved, Nussbaumer said.

“[We] advocate for students’ educational needs [and] build a fun and inclusive environment for students to engage with one another,” Brown said.

Nussbaumer also said these positions can be resume builders.

“No matter what role you’re in, you can easily translate that … to your application process,” Nussbaumer said. “[You can] put it on your resume, it … helps set you apart from everyone else.”

Nussbaumer said anyone who is interested can apply.

“If you want to apply, then go for it,” Nussbaumer said. “It’s important to be able to take opportunities that you see to just better yourself or to get new experience … and … help get yourself ahead in life.”