Where are they Headed: Michael Thompson

Meet 18-years-old, Michael Thompson

Caitlin Elise Weller

Meet 18-years-old, Michael Thompson

Jaso Bolay, Editor

Student: Michael Thompson
Age: 18-years-old
Major: Secondary English Education
Former High school: Chesapeake High School
Transferring School: Towson University

Q: Why do you want to be a high school teacher?
A: They can understand concepts such as symbolism and other things at that level much easier than say elementary school children.

Q: Why did you choose English as your point of focus?
A: I am more of a humanities person. Math and science just aren’t my strong suit. I would probably prefer history but AACC doesn’t offer history as a major. There’s also a better chance of getting a job when you have an English degree [than a history].

Q: Do you have a job right now?
A: I work at Southgate Elementary School in its before and after school program.

Q: Why is Towson University your transferring choice?
A: My Dad works at Towson so I’d still be close [to home] and I’ve taken a rudimentary look at their educational system and it doesn’t look too bad. Most colleges require that students who are interested in education to be a dual major but Towson doesn’t. I guess I’m just lazy.

Q: What was your favorite era to study?
A: The 20th Century. It has the most direct impact as far as what we’re living with now.

Q: What is your favorite book?
A: Profit Over People by Naom Chumsky. It’s an in depth analysis of the way many corporations and financial institutions use their money to shape the way governments shape their foreign and domestic policies.

Q: What is your least favorite book?
A: Anthem by Ayn Rand. I felt like the whole argument is a straw man. It brings forth an opponent’s depiction of a supposedly socialist society and then attacks the weaknesses she created in her fictional society.

Q: What are your top five favorite songs?
A: “Pork and Beef” by The Coup, “Watch Out for This” by Major Lazer, “Rock the Nation” by Michael Franti, and the rest of these are just going to be The Coup. “The Guillotine” by The Coup and “Rock Stone” by Stephen Marley featuring Sizzlah and Capleton.

Q: Give me a fun fact about yourself.
A: I’m really not a fun person…I’m really supportive of the labor movement.

Q: What is the labor movement?
A: The struggle of workers for better working and living conditions and an ultimate end to the exploitation that the working-class experiences under the capitalist mode of production.